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Prague Critical Mass bike rides

Critical Mass rides are graceful picturesque rides of cyclists, kick scooter riders and other non-motorized means of transport through the city, which evoke waves of attention in the streets. Prague’s Critical Mass rides are first and foremost:

  • A celebration of the freedom of movement in the city, a festival, a place of meeting, an opportunity to experience the streets of Prague somewhat differently for a while.
  • An impulse for a broader discussion about cycling as a healthy and responsible means of transport in the city.
  • Direct support and a strong argument for those who lobby for cycling in their city at City hall level and other authorities.

Criticall Mass rides move about at a slow pace along an easy route, so that even children and physically less fit people can participate. They are safe, as they form a bubble that protects its participants from cars. On this webiste, you will find more information, including detailed rules and tips of how to get to the starting point of the ride. We ride regularly every 3rd Thursday of a month at 6pm from Jiřího z Poděbrad square (Vinohrady). The two exceptions are big Spring and Fall rides in April and September organized by Auto*Mat civic association. Come and ride with us too!


  • We don’t want to be agressive. We are not here against cars, but instead, on behalf of bicycles and a more pleasant city. We don’t want to shout at car drivers and will treat them with respect at all times!
  • We are considerate. The front of the pack stops at traffic lights and yields to pedestrians and public transport vehicles. Similarly, we don’t restrain cars or other transport more than what is necessary.
  • Nobody may overtake the front of the pack, neither should anybody lag behind its tail.
  • When riding inside the pack, you don’t have to take care of anything, just try to stay together, so that the pack doesn’t split up.
  • Due to the participants’ safety (after an agreement with the police), we break certain traffic regulations. It would be neither safe, nor practical if the pack kept splitting up because of stops at traffic lights or when yielding to pedestrians and cars, thus letting them enter the inside of the pack.
  • We don’t ride on pavements/sidewalks or on streetcar tracks.
  • Don’t forget to bring your bicycle lights and other required accessories with you. Children must ride with helmets on.
  • Please, make sure you and the people around you comply with the above rules.




Video from the Big Spring Critical Mass 2011 made in cooperation with the Czech National TV “kult_off” programe

Video from the Big Fall Critical Mass Ride 2010 as a part of Different City Experience City street festival

Video from the Big Spring Critical Mass Ride 2010

Video from the Big Fall Critical Mass Ride 2009 as a part of Different City Experience street festival

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